Art Aden

The Friends are keen to introduce more art to Aden park.  Art interventions can enhance our visitors’ experience by enabling folk to question their environment and discover new things, We hope that the art will be fun, educational and sometimes a bit challenging.

In 2016 the friends were funded via Aberdeenshire Council to establish a Public Art Strategy for the Aden Park. We worked with 'Ice Cream Architecture' of Edinburgh to establish that strategy. That year we launched the strategy with a Mid Summer Arts Festival which included  temporary installations by Carla Angus, Allan Watson, Gordon Burnett, Jenny Johnstone, Kate Robinson and Ken Cockburn. Hundreds of folk explored the park and discovered the art. Currently the huge gate produced by Allan Watson is still standing.

2018 the friends and Buchan Development Partnership will be supporting three local artists to participate in North East Open Studios. Their work will be exhibited in the theatre. (Details)


Whilst funding is an on-going challenge we will be continuing to seek out opportunities that will enable us to introduce more art into the park.

In 2017 we delivered Mid summer creative workshops for families and established a partnership with Gray’s School of Art. A group of students undertook a project requiring them to respond  to an artists’ brief and produce designs for art interventions in the park. Their work was exhibited in the theatre. The work was judged and the winning piece is due to be produced and installed in the park. (Funding from Local Enterprise Scheme, Aberdeenshire Council).

This project is to be repeated in 2018.

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